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It all begins again when it ends

  • Barry Mieny

It’s been almost a week since I got this domain and I still don’t know exactly where it will go. I only got it up and running properly yesterday after struggling with some DNS issues which took longer to sort out than I’d expected. However, it is running now, so let me walk you through how I got here…

Once upon a time in April 1996, there was a site named Tider’s Place, because I didn’t know Swedish. So, yes, “Times’ Place”. I know. SMH as well. I don’t remember exactly what it contained about Roxette, but it started on my ISP’s server and later moved to GeoCities.

As I learned more about HTML and CSS, it was succeeded by Roxette Central hosted at roxette.org in April 1999. The first incarnation tried to be a bit of everything, but by the time roxette.org closed down in November 2002, it was simply a place to get some wallpapers and fonts.

Quite a few years had passed before I launched Oeuvrox in April 2009. Once again it was going to be a site that contained a bit of everything related to Roxette, Marie, Per, GT and every other project they were involved in. The name didn’t stick as it turned into Roxette & Co. in July 2013 and, finally, The Roxette Site in March 2019 but the content kept growing. At one point there was even a Twitter bot, named Roxbot, which posted information about things that had happened on that day—for example releases, concerts, and the like.

I kept adding more types of content while never finishing with the content for the categories that came before. It finally became like a mountain before me and it was all just too much. After not touching the site for a few months, I finally pulled the plug in January 2022. (It may come back one day in another form. Who knows. I’m a sucker for punishment.)

Having since taken a year or two to reevaluate my priorities, I want to embark on a new journey. On this blog I’ll be writing about things from the past, current events, and ideas for the future. However, knowing myself, the site will probably end up containing a bit of everything at the end of the day.

Watch this space.