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Roxette XL

1986–2026. Forty years. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not long, but as an anniversary it’s a big one. With that in mind, how should Roxette’s fortieth anniversary be celebrated?1 I’ve been giving it some thought over the past few weeks and I have some ideas.

After the deluxe physical and digital thirtieth-anniversary editions of Look Sharp! and Joyride, we saw Tourism getting sidelined with a digital-only thirtieth-anniversary edition which didn’t even include all of the tracks from the singles. And it was only released in 2023, which technically made it a thirty-first-anniversary edition, but that’s being pedantic.

2026 is the perfect time for a deluxe fortieth-anniversary edition of Pearls of Passion, but why stop there? My suggestion: release an XL edition (we’ll get to that in a minute) of every studio album for Roxette’s fortieth-anniversary in 2026. And, maybe, another one or two.

Why XL? Most obviously, XL means extra large in modern English, but to make it even better, XL is forty in Latin. It’s the perfect term to describe these releases in one way or another.

Why release all of them in 2026? It prevents potential issues like the delay of Tourism’s thirtieth-anniversary edition. It (hopefully) satisfies the constant calls from the fan community for these releases. Most importantly, it will keep Roxette in focus for the entire year of the band’s fortieth anniversary. Win–win–win.

Over the upcoming weeks, I’m going to publish a post per album to see just how spectacular and jam-packed these releases could be. I don’t have any expectation that this will become a reality, but one can dream. Right?

So, Per, if you’re reading this: can you give it some consideration?

  1. Why start talking about this now? I realise we’re in 2024, but getting these things ready doesn’t happen overnight, and we know just how busy Per’s agenda tends to be. ↩︎